Houblon Bière Douaisis FranceHoublon Bière Douaisis France

The breweries of Douai

are very special!

Lovers of craft beers? The Hauts-de-France region welcomes you with open arms! With a deeply rooted brewing tradition, thanks to its important barley and hop crops, it is now home to over 20 independent breweries. With an average alcohol content of between 6 and 8 percent, let’s face it, the beers of the North have character!

What to expect at a typical brewery?

Douai is home to many breweries where you can taste their excellent brews! Blonde, brown, amber or white beers, they all have their own characters, giving each of them their unique taste. Twice a year, in addition to their usual production, the brewers offer two seasonal beers: the Spring Beer and the Christmas Beer. Can’t wait to try these delicious beverages? Head to the breweries!

La Fabriq’:

North of Douai, this craft brewery, housed in an old brick and tile factory, offers high-quality organic beers. It regularly organises visits and events, allowing you to taste one of their excellent pure malt beers in a convivial atmosphere! Blonde, Amber, Triple or Stout… which will you choose?

60 Quai du Canal, 59194 Râches – 06 88 14 94 44

Daddy Brew

A new microbrewery established in Waziers, Daddy Brew has already fund favour with chef Jérôme Prévost for his renowned Maison Prévost restaurant. Come and try it!

28 Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier, 59119 Waziers – 06 82 21 67 26

Micro-brewery Duchaux

Blonde, white or brown, it is called La Duduche and is brewed in Aubigny-au-Bac. You can buy it directly or at the l’Annexe restaurant.

1 rue Louis Pasteur, 59294 Aubigny-au-Bac – 07 49 98 14 93

Douai Bio'tech,

an ‘educational’ brewery

Did you know that the brewing operation of Douai Bio’Tech, the town’s famous brewing school, produces 50,000 litres of beer every year? ‘L’Escreboise’ is available in different versions: dark, blonde, white, flavoured, seasonal beer… and the whole range can be found in the campus shop! This is an exceptional place for apprentice brewers, in the whole of France only Nancy, La Rochelle and Douai offer professional training in beer brewing.

The beverage of kings awaits you in the breweries of Douai, to be tasted on the spot or to be taken home in your luggage! Cheers!

Take a break and enjoy a local beer!


Taking a walk, such as La boucle du Vivier?  You will pass close by the La Musette café in Guesnain! A warm welcome is guaranteed in a typical regional setting.

Or by bike? On some of our electric bike tours you can stop at the La Fabriq’. In any case, at the end of the tour, you will leave with a small box of local specialities…

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