Carbonnade flamande- french fries - gastronomy - Restaurant Chez Arthur - Northern France (c)SublimeursCarbonnade flamande- french fries - gastronomy - Restaurant Chez Arthur - Northern France (c)Sublimeurs
©Carbonnade flamande- french fries - gastronomy - Restaurant Chez Arthur - Northern France (c)Sublimeurs
Enjoy regional delicacies in Douaiin the Douaisis

Food experience in the Douaisis

France is undoubtedly the country of gastronomy. But what are the specialities of Northern France? And where can you taste them in the Douai region? Read on!

The iconic chips of Northern France

The North is all about potatoes, but above all it’s about chips. Chips and its iconic ‘baraques à frites’ (small caravans fitted out to cook and sell chips). You can find all the specialities to take away or to est on the spot: fricadelle (whose recipe is a secret), American sandwiches, burgers, simple sausages or merguez… All accompanied by a variety of sauces. Do you dare to choose the Ch’ti sauce?

Warm food to warm you up

Other dishes are there to warm you up and awaken your taste buds:

Let’s start with the welsh: toasted bread covered with ham, with a sauce that is half cheddar, half beer, all topped with a fried egg. A dish that keeps you going!

Try the Potjevleesch (Dutch for ‘meat pot’), a recipe from our Belgian friends and neighbours. It is a mixture of three cold white meats, preserved in vinegar jelly. Chips go wonderfully well with this dish!

We love sweet and sour, and you ?

Do you like sweet and sour? Then try the carbonnade flamande: beef simmered in a sauce of beer, brown sugar and gingerbread. A dish that will delight young and old alike.

We’ll save our favourite recipe for last, THE typical northern dish! Flamiche with maroilles! A quiche that contains… only Maroilles, the cheese of the region! I promise, it doesn’t taste so strong once it’s cooked.

And a sugar pie for dessert

For dessert, or for a snack, we also have something to delight your taste buds!

The famous ‘tarte au suc’, a brioche pie covered with brown sugar, or the ‘tarte au libouli’ (which means ‘boiled milk’), a custard pie, sometimes topped with prunes.

We have also inherited Polish cuisine, with the many Poles who came to France to work in the mines. Try placek or makotch!

A brewing region

To accompany these delicious dishes, how about a little beer?

The region is undoubtedly a brewing region, thanks to the cultivation of hops and barley. In fact, it is in Douai, at the Biotech school, that future brewers are trained! Each year, the school produces 50,000 litres of its Escreboise beer; available in several versions: brown, blonde, white, flavoured…

You will find a multitude of breweries in the Douai region. Go and drink a beer at the Fabriq’ in Râches, this brewery also runs events around concerts, shows… Taste the Sugar Daddy at the Daddy Brewery in Waziers or the Duduche at the Duchaux Brewery in Aubigny-au-Bac. The Adventice Brewpub, in Douai, offers beers made with natural ingredients such as rose petals!

Proud of our garlic !

The Douai region is also garlic country, especially in Arleux, the birthplace of smoked garlic! Smoked garlic from Arleux, with its protected status, Is renowned by chefs and gourmands the world over! Take in the characteristic smoky smell, see the beautiful brown plaits and taste the famous garlic soup.

Its culinary and medicinal virtues and its heavenly taste explains its success!

Harvested in August, the garlic is then dried for a week. Then, the sheaves are braided by hand before being smoked for 8 to 10 days in order to dehydrate the garlic ensuring a long shelf life of up to a year.