Aïl Fumé Arleux Douaisis Nord France (c) Adlanglet 2moAïl Fumé Arleux Douaisis Nord France (c) Adlanglet 2mo
Smoked garlic from Arleux

Smoked garlic from Arleux, from the braid to the plate!

Attention garlic lovers: do you know Arleux smoked garlic? For over 200 years, Arleux has been the only town in France to produce this exceptional traditional product; garlic smoked with oak, beech and ash wood. Is your mouth already watering? Read on…

What exactly is Arleux smoked garlic?

Soft tops, medium-sized white bulbs, and a delicate dark pink outer coat… that’s what Arleux garlic looks like. After drying for a week, the hand-woven braids are assembled, and then put in the smokehouse for 8 to 10 days. A process that adds flavour and ensures the long shelf life!

Originally, braiding was practised to make it easier to hang the garlic during smoking and to simplify transport when the product was sold door-to-door. This method is still used today for the same reasons, but it is also a beautiful way to decorate kitchens!

A protected produce – an Appellation d’Origine Protegée (AOP) – Arleux smoked garlic now accounts for almost 10 per cent of French garlic production. Its unique taste, its delicate reddish-brown colour and its history explains why all fine gourmets seek out Arleux garlic!

Why don't you try your hand at garlic soup?

Two potatoes, three carrots, three heads of smoked garlic, salt, pepper and a little fresh butter… that’s all you need for a successful garlic soup! Cook the vegetables and garlic in 2 litres of boiling water for 45 minutes, season to taste, then blend. Add a knob of butter, gather your family and friends… and enjoy this delicious and convivial recipe – the pride of the people of Arleux!

Why not discover smoked garlic at the Arleux fair?

Since 1962, the smoked garlic of Arleux is celebrated every first weekend of September! With a programme that includes: the competition for the best garlic braider, parade of giants, street entertainment, election of the Garlic Queen, flea market, jumble sale, funfair, garlic soup tasting, shows and the chance to meet the producers! What are you waiting for?

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