Bricks Hôtel Du Dauphin Douai Douaisis Northern France (c)douaisis TourismeBricks Hôtel Du Dauphin Douai Douaisis Northern France (c)douaisis Tourisme
©Bricks Hôtel Du Dauphin Douai Douaisis Northern France (c)douaisis Tourisme
Distinctive brick décor

The building material of Douai

The humble brick is the building material of choice in the North of France. It is typical of the region and comes in several colours, sometimes brown, sometimes ochre, and even bright red in some of the narrow streets of Douai.

Often decorative and they must be seen!

Often decorative and they must be seen!

Since 1929, bricks have been manufactured at the internationally renowned Lamour brickworks in Waziers. Manufactured in a traditional way from clay and water, with the raw clay extracted in Roucourt, a few kilometres from Waziers. The bricks are shaped in a 50-metre-long coal-fired Hoffmann kiln with a double gallery. This kiln, which is still in daily use, produces around five million bricks a year. Admire the chimney of this brickworks, built… in bricks of course!

Bricks all over Douai

Bricks are indeed present everywhere here: in Vieux-Douai, on the facades of houses, along the Scarpe river, but also on larger buildings: the Notre-Dame des Mineurs church, built for the miners who came to work in France between the two world wars, the Hôtel d’Aoust, the administrative Court of Appeal. The sublime Lycée Jean-Baptiste Corot and the Collegiate Church of Saint-Pierre have salmon-red bricks. Their bricks have this appearance because they have been whitewashed to protect them from the weat

Most beautiful brick building in Douai

Some architects had fun with these bricks during the Art Deco movement, forming geometric patterns on the façades! Go and see the emblematic shop ‘A l’homme de fer’, rue de Bellain in Douai or the Raverdy building on Place Carnot.

We have selected our favourite ‘brick’ monuments to see:

Collégiale Saint-Pierre
Lycée Jean-Baptiste Corot
Ruelles du Vieux-Douai
Eglise Notre-Dame des Mineurs
Maisons du quartier de la Clochette
Maison des associations à Douai
Salles d’Anchin
Hôtel de la Tramerie
Eglise Sainte Jeanne d’Arc Courchelettes
Fonderie à canons

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