Aïl Fumé Arleux Douaisis Nord France (c) Adlanglet 6Aïl Fumé Arleux Douaisis Nord France (c) Adlanglet 6

Douaisis specialties

Sucrée ou salée, à boire ou à manger, notre territoire regorge de spécialités !

De la douceur d’une confiserie à l’amertume d’une bière artisanale, laissez vous tenter par des saveurs qu’on ne trouve nulle part ailleurs !

The Gayantines

One of the oldest sweets in the city that has conquered the hearts (and stomachs…) of young and old for more than a century!

Paying homage to the Gayant giants, the oval candy is actually a butterscotch flavored with vanilla or chicory.

Hidden in their blue packaging, you will find them not far from the belfry at the Chocolaterie des Délices, 68 rue de la Mairie in Douai.

The Merlin of Douai

Taking the name of a historical figure of the city, the Merlin de Douai is now known to be a famous confectionery of the city. Composed of a hazelnut praline and surrounded by two squares of nougatine, only one pastry has the recipe for this famous Merlin.

Come and get it quickly at the Pâtisserie Cucci located at 160 rue de la Mairie.

Artisanal roasting

Brazil, Ethiopia, El Salvador or Kenya, come and travel the world with Destination Café! Here, a wide choice of pure Arabica is available to you and your senses…

Liven up your taste buds at 92 rue de la Mairie, in Douai.

Tea from all over the world

In addition to some Gayantines, you will have a tea to accompany them, right? And yes, at the Chocolaterie des Délices we think of everything!
With a wide selection of teas, the brand opened since 1920 will inevitably delight all gourmets.

Let your senses guide you at 68 rue de la Mairie in Douai

The Bouclier de Gayant

Paying homage to the protector of the city, the Bouclier de Gayant is a pie made up of meat, eggs, fresh cream, gouda cheese and broccoli. A specialty of Maison Tual, this savory tart will satisfy gourmets and lovers of rich dishes !

To find her, go to 125, rue de Paris, in Douai.

Arleux smoked garlic

Connu pour ses vertus thérapeutiques, culinaires et son goût typique, l’Ail fumé d’Arleux (IGP) est reconnaissable à sa couleur dorée, ses gousses tressées et son odeur si particulière.

Spécialités du Douaisis et de la ville d’Arleux, retrouvez-les chez les producteurs du bassin d’Arleux & dans les magasins d’alimentation.

The Plaisir de Monsieur Gayant

Created less than ten years ago, Le Plaisir de Monsieur Gayant is already a staple of tables in Douais. Finer and creamier than Maroilles, this cheese ripened with amber beer is unique to the city and shows, once again, all the warm aspect of Douaisis.

To offer, to share, or simply to treat yourself, come and find it at Deliciosa – La Crèmerie du Beffroi at 122 rue de Paris in Douai.

The Escreboise beer

A ladle of know-how, a feeling of freshness and a grain of bitterness, and here are the beers of Escreboise. Imagined, developed and brewed at the Biotech Agricultural High School, these beers are the result of passionate work. Blonde, amber or white, there is something for everyone!

Find the beer productions of Escreboise on direct sale at the Ferme-Brasserie de Wagnonville and in the nearest food stores.

La Flamine

Blonde, amber, triple and many others; what a choice at the Flamine! Here, local craftsmen are eager to receive you, to advise you and to transmit to you the taste for work well done.

Choose the short circuit and head to La Flamine, Arleux, 670 rue André Joseph le Glay.

The Black Garlic

It is said that it has a sweet and sweet taste that approaches licorice. The Black Garlic, also called truffle of Hauts-de-France, is a product not to be missed during your stay in the North, and more precisely in Cuincy, near Douai. This mature garlic with strong aromas has conquered the palace of the Elysée, will it conquer yours?
To find out, visit Potdevin-Caron, at La Ferme du Petit Cuincy.

La Fabriq'

Located at the exit of Douai, on the edge of the Scarpe, there is a large building where it is inscribed La Fabriq’. This former brick factory converted into a brewery, welcomes you with open arms in its shop, its bar but also for visits of its production part.

5 choices of organic and artisanal beers are currently available: La Blonde, L’Ambrée, IPA, La Stout and Triple.

Come and discover which one is your favorite at 60 Quai du Canal in Râches.