Musée Parc Arkéos Archeologie Douai Nord France (c) Ad LangletMusée Parc Arkéos Archeologie Douai Nord France (c) Ad Langlet
Douai Archaeological Museum

Archeological Museum-Park Arkéos: following the tracks of our ancestors!

A museum retracing 500,000 years of history, and an archaeological park plunging you into the heart of the year 1000… that’s what awaits young and old at Arkéos! On the borders of Douai and Râches, these two extraordinary spaces form a whole: an explosive cultural place, where the history of a territory is told to you.

Open your eyes and ears wide…

The Arkéos Museum, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages...

It’s a real encounter that the museum part of Arkéos offers you: from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, discover the daily life of the men and women who helped shape the territory you are walking on! How did they live? What did their homes look like? In what environment did they live? What activities did they practice? More than 1,500 objects (ceramics, bones, glass, stones…), films, models, multimedia terminals and tactile elements are offered to you as part of this historical, fun and interactive visit; in the footsteps of our ancestors!

The Arkéos archaeological park: welcome to the Middle Ages!

Take the footbridge over the Scarpe and continue your visit to Arkéos by exploring the archaeological park. In this area entirely devoted to the Middle Ages, you will be surprised to imagine yourself in the year 1000! Based on the principle of the Guédelon site in the Yonne, the remains discovered during archaeological excavations carried out in the territory allow for the reconstruction of medieval buildings, such as typical dwellings and shops, a tavern and a feudal motte (a particular type of earthen fortification) with a keep, a bailey and even an abbey!

Infos pratiques

 Avril, mai, septembre et octobre : 10h-18h, tous les jours, sauf le mardi

. Juin à août : 10h-19h, tous les jours

. Novembre à mars : 10h-12h/14-18h, tous les jours sauf le mardi


Les 1er janvier, 1er mai et 25 décembre

Fermeture des caisses : 30 minutes avant la fermeture du musée

Tarif basse saison :

– 6 euros en tarif plein
– 4 euros en tarif réduit
– 20 euros en tarif famille (2 adultes, 2 enfants)

Tarif Haute saison :

– 8 euros en tarif plein
– 6 euros en tarif réduit
– 25 euros en tarif famille (2 adultes, 2 enfants)

En voiture : 
4401 Route de Tournai.
Parking sur Place.

Transports en commun :
Evéole : ligne 16
Arc-en-Ciel : ligne 206

A pied :
Par la boucle de randonnée “Le Chemin du Belvédère”